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The Anglo-Nubian Goat

Over the following pages, we’d like to introduce our Anglo-Nubian goats and give an insight into the breed.

The Anglo-Nubian goat is characterised by its ‘Roman’ nose and its long, pendulous ears. It is a particularly large, elegant and long-legged breed, with a short, glossy coat in a wide array of colours. This interesting, beautiful breed was developed in Great Britain from the cross-breeding of native goats with the Egyptian ‘Zaraibi goat’ and Indian ‘Jamnapari goat’.

Its primary advantages include the high yield and outstanding quality of its milk. The milk is creamy with a refined flavour. The high-quality nutrients it contains ensure it has a leading position within the field of goats’ milk production. With the right feed, the goat can produce between 800 to 1,200 kg of milk over a 240-day period, with a typical fat content of between 5 and 9%.

I am a member of the Regional Association of Thuringian Goat Breeders (Landesverband Thüringer Ziegenzüchter e.V.).

My herd is listed in the stud book under section A1

The herd is free of:

  • Brucellosis
  • Pseudotuberculosis (negative antibody)
  • Scrapie 
  • Paratuberculosis
  • Listeriosis
  • Q fever
  • Bluetongue disease
  • Schmallenberg virus (SBV)
  • and has been inoculated against clostridia

I am authorised to export to all EU countries and to countries outside the EU.

My herd has been certified as free of scrapie, pseudotuberculosis and CAE by the Thuringian Animal Diseases Agency (Thüringer Tierseuchenkasse).

Milk production is monitored by the Thuringian Association for Yield and Quality Control in Livestock Breeding (Thüringer Verband für Leistungs- und Qualitätsprüfungen in der Tierzucht e.V.).


Contact info:

Ziegenhof Taubert 

Lindenstraße 7

04618 Ziegelheim

Mob: +4916095464484




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